Ironman contro The Mandarin

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Lego 76008

Preparati alla resa dei conti tra Iron Man e The Mandarin! Fai attenzione all'auto super corazzata con 2 missili di The Mandarin e frutta tutte le abilità di Iron Man per batterlo! Include 2 minifigure: Iron Man e The Mandarin


Età consigliata 5-7 Anni, 8-11 Anni, 12-14 Anni
Tema e Personaggio Iron Man, LEGO, Marvel
MPN 76008
Tipologia Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Punti di forza

  • Gioco da montare
  • Favorisce lo sviluppo delle abilità manuali
  • Stimola la fantasia e l'immaginazione
  • Incoraggia il gioco di ruolo
  • Facile da montare
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Alcune recensioni clienti

Recensito il: 10 ottobre 2013GOOGLE

An excellent Lego kit for the hero in all of us... great for a quick build and adding to that small collection of super hero minifigs, particularly since it includes both a hero AND a villain! 

Recensito il: 7 luglio 2013GOOGLE

Great little set, my seven year old loved it and was able to build it on his own. He liked it better than the Extremis sea port battle set, which is more expensive. 

Recensito il: 21 ottobre 2014GOOGLE

bought this for my nephew, he is really pleased with it. He wanted a slightly more expensive one which wasn't in stock but tells me this is just as good and he genuinely seems to like it. Result! 

Recensito il: 3 febbraio 2014GOOGLE

Brought this for my 7 yr old son for Christmas as he likes Ironman, the instructions were really easy to follow, so he made it all by himself without any help from mum, which make the end result even better. So big thumbs up from me :) 

Recensito il: 14 settembre 2014GOOGLE

Brought this item for my Little boy for getting so many stars on his reward chart. He loves marvels and I didn't want to spent too much. This was perfect, Definitely worth the price, Good quality and My son has hours of fun. Even sleeps with Ironman! Thanks Tesco. 

Recensito il: 30 giugno 2013GOOGLE

Purchased for a friend's son who asked specifically for this title, but I have not asked since whether it lived up to his expectations. Having never bought a set like this before (I have 2 girls) it was smaller & lighter than expected when it arrived but was within budget & the birthday boy was delighted on the day! 

Recensito il: 12 maggio 2013GOOGLE

This set has the usual level of detail and quality from Lego. The Iron-man's helmet is great! I think it's a shame there weren't 3 mini figures for the price but maybe that would be expecting too much. My son loves mini figures and unless the other things in the set are good to play with they often get quickly forgotten about. I'm therefore pleased that the vehicle in this set has also been well ...

Recensito il: 20 dicembre 2013GOOGLE

I bought this for my friends five year old son, and gave it to him at our pre Christmas party last week. The minute he opened it he literally shook with excitement! I don't think he put it down for the rest of the evening and his mum said he even went to bed with the iron man figure. Absolutely spot on gift for the superhero mad kid and of course, it's of the expected high quality of Lego. Great ...

Recensito il: 30 dicembre 2014GOOGLE

Fun and easy for my 6 year old nephew. He loved it! It made for a great Christmas gift. I would add more to the Iron Man series and buy more of these sets. 

Recensito il: 13 dicembre 2014GOOGLE

Awesome Lego Iron Man Set. Can't beat the price of under $11.00 for this starter 91 pcs Lego Super Heroes Marvel Iron Man 3 Set! Fun to build with easy instructions. Kids and adult will have fun putting this set together! 

archie mac donald
(5/5)iron man lego
Recensito il: 13 aprile 2014AMAZON

very easy to put together, takes very little time and goes great with many other lego heroes or any sets

Diana Reissig
(4/5)Wie soll das zusammen passen?
Recensito il: 28 settembre 2019AMAZON

Qualität ist top. Leider erschliet sich mir bis heute nicht, wie die Teile an die Hände kommen sollen. Es passt einfach nicht!

Green Eyes 1972
Recensito il: 26 aprile 2013AMAZON

I bought this for my nephew, he is happy, so i am happy. The little figure is just the normal size of Lego figures, his helmet lifts up to reveal the Iron mans face.

(5/5)Mini Iron Man
Recensito il: 10 giugno 2013AMAZON

Die Figur wurde sehr schnell geschliefert. Sie sieht genauso aus wie auf dem Bild (bei mir war es noch ein Iron Man mit rundem Arc-Reaktor), und ist noch in seiner Plastiktüte verpackt. Der Preis ist zwar hoch, aber dafür hat man wirklich nur die Figur und nicht noch anderen Kram, den man gar nicht wollte.

Kyan Bharucha
(2/5)Sizing should be mentioned upfront
Recensito il: 6 gennaio 2015AMAZON

Really small. Didn't find it value for money. But then again, it's LEGO so you always end up paying too much for it!

Amazon Customer
(3/5)Not the best use of $$$ for Legos
Recensito il: 21 maggio 2013AMAZON

I ordered several Super Heroes mini-figures for our 6 year-old grandson. The sellers were great, figures neatly packaged for shipping, but all of the figures are composed of several small pieces. I cannot imagine that young children will keep the individual pieces together that make up each figure. Having seen (and picked up!) hundreds of small Lego pieces I am afraid these quite expensive products ...

Recensito il: 13 luglio 2014AMAZON

I lost the helmet worst thing ever

(5/5)lego minis yay!
Recensito il: 30 luglio 2013AMAZON

i think this might be the mark 6. been collecting the avengers in mini and decided to buy iron man with both the palladium and the vibranium cores - you can tell by the shape of the white on the chest. nice details to the suit. tony's head has two expressions for you to choose from. happy to add him to the collection.

(2/5)It is too smaal!
Recensito il: 11 aprile 2014AMAZON

The Lego I received is much smaller than what i expected. The picture on website is bit deceptive. You should provide more details of the product. I feel I have paid more for Lego i bought.

(1/5)Very disappointed!!!!!!!!
Recensito il: 24 dicembre 2015AMAZON

I was very disappointed, picture shows box with Lego set not just figure! I received a figure in plastic bag! I paid a huge price for little of nothing! Can't return now because it was a very important part of a Christmas gift for my grandson. Had to rush around to find another gift for him. If a picture showed just figure I would of have not purchase because I need this set with box!