Il salvataggio di Superman

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Lego 10543

Aiutate Superman a salvare i cittadini, messi in pericolo dai ladri in fuga sull'auto. Sollevate la macchina prima che si schianti contro l'idrante! Allinterno della confezione troverete la figure di Superman e tanti piccoli accessori come la macchinina e i palazzi. Indicato dai 2 ai 4 anni.


Età consigliata 2 Anni, 3-4 Anni
Tema e Personaggio LEGO, Superman
MPN 10543
Tipologia Lego Duplo Super Heroes
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Recensito il: 19 novembre 2014GOOGLE

I have bought this for my 3 year old son as a Christmas present. It's great to see lego branching out their superhero range to the younger age group, especially as the main lego sets are often for ages 5 and upwards. My son already loves duplo and has just started to get into superheroes so this is a great combination. Lego is always expensive, but I was able to pay using boosted Tesco vouchers so ...

superman lego for little guys
Recensito il: 15 giugno 2015GOOGLE

My three year old son loves this toy. I comes with a handful of extra blocks to make buildings, but the real fun is the superman figure. We can add these to our vast collection. I like that you are able to build upon the car and all the duplo blocks are able to be used together. 

Recensito il: 8 marzo 2015GOOGLE

Lego will always be my favorite toy to waste time with. Mix that with Superman and I'm really happy! The set went into my collection and fits very well! The car was perfect for Superman to throw at bad guys... Also the extra parts are very "army-able." They add well to a large collection of other Duplo parts I have! As with most Duplo I wish there were more pieces to the set, but it's still a great ...

Recensito il: 4 aprile 2016GOOGLE

The product is very useful. It can create immagination to young brain. It also enhances creativity. Easily put together. Pieces are big enough for toddlers to grab, assemble and re-assemble. 

Recensito il: 1 gennaio 2016GOOGLE

I bought this for my 4 year old grandson and he loves them. They hold his interest for quite a while. They help with fine motor skills. They make him think and use his imagination. That's just what I was looking for when I bought these. I was shocked at how expensive they are but in the end I would buy another set to add to the first. I am very happy with this buy. 

Recensito il: 5 aprile 2016GOOGLE

We decided to spoil our kids with more toys than Easter candy. They recently have become obsessed with superman and batman because of Lego movie :) We rented another Lego movie with them in it and it tripled. This was a perfect kit. We have so many Legos so this came with enough to have some unique addition to it and get their favorite character! 

Recensito il: 11 marzo 2015GOOGLE

I bought this item for my son's third birthday - we had already got him the batman one for Christmas and he's enjoyed playing with that. He likes having the little superhero figure and enjoys taking his cape on and off. My 8 year old has also enjoyed playing with them & it's lovely watching them play together! It was half price on here which made it good value for a Lego product. 

Recensito il: 8 gennaio 2016GOOGLE

I received an open box that was taped up. It had a quarter sized hole on the side, which looked like a rat chewed through it. The Legos were not in a plastic bag and missing some. I returned it of course, but had a hard time. I was just wondering why it came like that. horrible experience with this item. 

Recensito il: 27 ottobre 2014GOOGLE

My son loves to build things so as soon as he saw it he wanted me open it for him. He played with Legos for hours until I told him he had to put them away. The only I don't like is the cap that it comes off and on he lost the cap twice. I had to hid it so we wouldn't lose it anymore. This is great besides that it's going to be a nice transition from duelo to the normal Legos because of superhero ...

gold five
Recensito il: 21 luglio 2015GOOGLE

This product is great for young fans or brick building. The car was fun and the figure was great. It is easy to assemble and fun for indoor play. The pieces can connect to other sets of similar brand and make. The pieces are large as well, so small hands can grip them with ease. I would purchase more of this item when more become available.