Sidney Opera House

Giochi di Costruzione - Lego 21012 - Leggi Descrizione

Lego 21012

Costruite il famoso edificio della Opera House di Sidney con LEGO Architecture. Riprodotto nei minimi dettagli, con tutte le sue caratteristiche, come il tetto a guscio, la scalinata e i lampioni laterali. La misura del modello costruito è di 28 x 63 x 38 cm . La confezione include ben 2989 pezzi. Indicato dai 12 anni in poi.


Età consigliata 12-14 Anni, Ragazzi, Adulti
Tema e Personaggio LEGO
Brand Lego
MPN 21012
FeedBack 705 recensioni
Valutazione online 4.6 su 5 stelle

Punti di forza

  • Riprodotto nei minimi dettagli
  • Prezioso pezzo da collezione
  • Riproduzione di un sito patrimonio dell' UNESCO
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Valutazione complessiva

Alcune recensioni clienti

Recensito il: 4 novembre 2013GOOGLE

Great for the Imagination. To see it in books and On-line, and then be abke to create it, really is an awesome thing to give to your child! my son thought it was one of his coolest Lego sets! 

Recensito il: 16 novembre 2013GOOGLE

I bought this set for an adult in my family who has loved Legos as a child and enjoys playing with them now with the children in the family. The smaller Legos make it the right amount of challenging for an older Lego fan, but the children were also able to help build it. It looks adorable after being built. I would recommend this set for older children and adults because you have to be able to keep ...

Recensito il: 1 febbraio 2013GOOGLE

Compared to the White House or some other Lego Architecture kit this is small. Also unlike other Lego my 10 year old daughter lets it sit there like a museum piece, afraid to misplace parts if she builds anything else with it. 

Recensito il: 4 dicembre 2019GOOGLE

Excellent in every way possible and completely satisfied 

Recensito il: 17 dicembre 2014GOOGLE

We absolutely love the Architecture series, some of the sets are VERY pricey, but I LOVE LEGO brand stuff. Very good quality, and IF there is an issue they have been GREAT about resolving it! 

Recensito il: 11 dicembre 2013GOOGLE

LEGO is one of the best products on the market for kids of all ages. The instructions are easy to read. This set is for a 12+ kids due to the complexity of the build. I love these kits of real buildings from all over the world. My son is homeschooled, and we do some research on the location and the building itself besides building the Lego models. History, Architecture, Engineering all rolled into a ...

Momma Cox
Recensito il: 13 ottobre 2013GOOGLE

I have two sons. One 20 and a Junior in college, one is 12 and in 6th grade. I'd say our family has collected at least 125+ sets of the various groups of LEGOS. My youngest actually found the Architectural set. Loves them. Actually has gone online to look up more information on the individual buildings. Inspired additional learning by the child What parent DOESN'T like that :) PS: We have very large ...

Recensito il: 7 agosto 2017GOOGLE

This model imparts the general unmistakeable feel of the opera house, but for people who have actually been there, it lacks much of the essential detail of the place and as a result is a little dissapointing. 

Recensito il: 30 dicembre 2014GOOGLE

Purchased this for my 10 year old nephew as a Christmas gift. He has really gotten into the LEGO Architecture Series. He loved the gift and really enjoyed putting it together. 

Recensito il: 30 maggio 2014GOOGLE

My 9 year old daughter has discovered the Lego architectural series and loves recreating these iconic buildings. She has even accomplished the Falling Water set! I think this is a clever line of building sets. I would definitely recommend for those kids and adults who are Lego fans.