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Giochi di Costruzione - 60060 - Leggi Descrizione


Usa il Camion Autotrasportare per consegnare le auto nuove alle concessionarie di Lego City! Nell'articolo sono incluse 2 minifigure: un conducente e un concessionario, con tanti altri accessori assortiti compresi. Dimensioni camion autrasportatore: 35 x 6 x 9 cm


Età consigliata 5-7 Anni, 8-11 Anni, 12-14 Anni
Tema e Personaggio LEGO
Brand Lego
MPN 60060
FeedBack 725 recensioni
Valutazione online 4.7 su 5 stelle

Punti di forza

  • Camion Autotrasportatore Lego City
  • Contiene 2 minifigure: 1 conducente e 1 concessionario
  • Include un camion autotrasportatore e 2 bellissime auto sportive
  • Dimensioni camion autrasportatore: 35 x 6 x 9 cm
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Alcune recensioni clienti

a big brother
Recensito il: 8 marzo 2014GOOGLE

This one caught my eye a while back, and I finally had to get it. the color is cool, and it fits in well with the other lego city products. I wish the wheels were a bit bigger, and maybe had other cars on it to fill the other spaces on the trailer, but other than that, this set is pretty cool and very well detailed. kids that love cars and trucks will really appreciate this toy. this set goes well in ...

Recensito il: 18 febbraio 2015GOOGLE

We bought this set for our nephews birthday. He turned 8. He absolutely loved it! Put it together no problem and didn't take long as he followed the directions. He didn't need any help. So it's a plus for us to have directions simple enough for an 8 year old to understand and be able to build all by himself. Builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment all on his own! I also bought it on sale so ...

Recensito il: 3 luglio 2019GOOGLE

Easy to assemble, the car transporter rails can be easily moved up or down, meaning it can sustain being played with without breaking or pieces falling off. A very durable piece from LEGO. 

Recensito il: 28 dicembre 2015GOOGLE

I bought this for my 4 year old nephew. He requires a little assistance to assemble it but still really enjoys it. He shouted out "car transporter!" as soon as he opened the present, he was so delighted. The delivery took longer than usual due to it being near Christmas but Tesco did inform me after ordering what day the product would arrive. We bought this product at a reduced price on Tesco Boost ...

TX Tea
Recensito il: 11 agosto 2015GOOGLE

Purchased for my 4 year old who is obsessed with building and creating. Always easy to read and follow instructions. Love that it comes with two cars for the transporter. Some of the other smaller lego city vehicles can fit on the transporter, but not all. Two of my child's smaller matchbox/ offbrand cars can fit side by side on the transporter so it can be used to haul the other cars in the city if ...

Lego Mom in Ohio
Recensito il: 12 luglio 2015GOOGLE

My son has really gotten into the Lego City sets. We have collected quite a few so when he saw the Transporter, he knew it would be a perfect addition. The set was simple for him to put together, he's five and considers himself a master builder lol, and is a great size. It's nice that it also comes with cars to place in the transporter and the mini figures are great, the two guy and a business man ...

Recensito il: 22 novembre 2014GOOGLE

Bought this for my 6 year old grandson for Xmas. I know he will love it, as he is Lego crazy. Lego City is far more value for money as it seems we get much more in the kit than other Lego kits. The great thing is that the models actually work and can be played with. He has the ice cream truck as well as the rubbish lorry and has great fun with both. Not to forget the bucket loads of Lego bits he ...

Avery's Mommom
Recensito il: 16 febbraio 2014GOOGLE

Bought this set because it looked fun for our 4yr old. He doesn't quite put this set together himself, but he loves to play with Legos. This set has functional parts in the trailers. He likes raising lowering the ramps to drive the INCLUDED two cars onto it. He also drives his other cars on it as well for a full load. The only reason we didn't check durability is because the roof of the cab doesn't ...

Recensito il: 26 novembre 2014GOOGLE

We moved from MegaBlocks straight to age 5-12 Lego with my 3 year old son, as he seemed to handle building models very well. He is over the moon with this set and plays with it for hours - as does daddy! It's a great addition to his other Big City models. Tesco had by far the best price around for this (although only Direct online - £18.19, not in store - £25). Highly recommend this transporter.