LEGO Stranger Things Il Sottosopra 75810

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LEGO 75810

Siete pronti ad entrare nel mondo Sottosopra? Con il nuovo set LEGO Stranger Things 75810 potrete costruire e trasformare la casa di Will, viaggiando per i due mondi.
All'interno della confezione troverete 8 minifigure dei protagonisti, i Byers, Jim Hoppet e Demogorgona.
La disposizione delle stanza è estremamente dettagliata e piena di oggetti, esattamente come nella serie.
Questo modello LEGO EXLUSIVE, una volta costruito, può essere tenuto come pezzo da collezione.

Il set è composto da 2200 pezzi.
Adatto dai 16 anni in su.


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Alcune recensioni clienti

Recensito il: 5 luglio 2020GOOGLE

I'll start by saying that when I wanted this set, it was out of stock, and I had to wait two months before I could backorder it, then a week later it shipped, and arrived a week later. Although the wait was long, I had plenty of time to read reviews and I read both good and bad. Most of the bad ones were saying that it falls apart very easily, which to that I say, LEARN HOW TO BUILD. This set is ...

Recensito il: 8 gennaio 2020GOOGLE

As a massive Stranger Things fan I stumbled across this set by happenstance while searching for xmas gifts online and immediately decided I had to have it so decided to gift it to myself. I have never in my life owned or played with Lego or anything similar so I was unsure if I would enjoy it, I likened it to doing a puzzle which kind of bores me. Well, as soon as I started I couldn't stop. I started ...

Recensito il: 19 aprile 2020GOOGLE

This LEGO set is awesome to have and add to your LEGO collection... this is a once in a life time item to purchase while still enjoying everyoneâs mystical series âStranger Thingsâ on Netflix... the set to me is worth $217.45 I paid for it...unfortunately, the box came damaged and I had to return it... I am waiting for this item to return, back in stock so I can purchase again... I ...

Recensito il: 13 ottobre 2020GOOGLE

This is a great set that provided a fun build. I estimate I have around 16 hours into the build as I would do a couple hours a day working on it. Stability: It's been a long time since I worked with lego so I was a bit concerned with some of the reviews regarding stability and how I would do with it since it's been so long. I can't speak to the issues some other folks have had but I did not ...

Recensito il: 6 maggio 2020GOOGLE

Stranger Things Lego, the Upside Down. This is a great set, its huge. opening a Lego box can sometimes be deflating as there is little content, but not here! From getgo the is a massive amount of pieces and we are also glad to report on the abundant amount of minifigures her too. Set some quality time aside for the build, its going to take a while. My daughter and I tackled this set together (With ...

Recensito il: 15 giugno 2020GOOGLE

Let me start by saying I am 43 years old and have been building Lego for quite some time now. I have over 300 "bigger" sets (like the Technic Bugatti, Ferris Wheel, The Death Star, and the newest UCS Millennium Falcon. I absolutely love the quality and detail that goes into Lego and have never had an issue before... until I purchased the Stranger Things set. As others have stated, the pillars do not ...

Recensito il: 9 settembre 2020GOOGLE

I feel that a lot of it is quite difficult to build, this is certainly too difficult for most children to try to build. It has a long of pieces that need to be put in place and eventually locked down, and if you aren't careful you will knock it loose and need to put it back. The roof I have see a lot of people have issues with, It needs to be aligned properly and that is hard to do. As well as the ...

Recensito il: 8 aprile 2020GOOGLE

The final result is a pretty good looking display piece. While it in theory has some play features and a good minifig selection, I would not recommend kids playing with it too much. The house itself looks great and probably one of the most realistic, small-town houses made by lego. The ability to flip sides with nothing falling off is quite impressive as well. It also has great little references ...

Ida T.
(5/5)Spedizione puntuale
Recensito il: 29 settembre 2019AMAZON


(4/5)Sembra di riguardare la serie TV
Recensito il: 31 maggio 2020AMAZON

Stupendo e semplice da costruire!! Super dettagliato e pieno di piccoli dettagli della serie TV

(5/5)Stranger Things 100%
Recensito il: 5 giugno 2020AMAZON

Spettacolare scatola di LEGO! Dopo aver visto lo spot LEGO anni 80 non ho resistito e l'ho comprata. Estremamente particolareggiata, piena di riferimenti alla serie e con tutti i personaggi meravigliosi della serie Netflix. Bellissima, non vedo l'ora di costruirla con mia figlia!

(5/5)What I expected
Recensito il: 5 gennaio 2020AMAZON

Bought for my other half he loved it

(5/5)Estremamente dettagliato
Recensito il: 19 marzo 2020AMAZON

Il set lego più figo in assoluto per i fan della serie tv stranger things. Divertente da assemblare e non troppo complicato, ricco di dettagli. Il pacco è arrivato in ottime condizioni e con una settimana di anticipo. perfetto

(5/5)Great Set for Stranger Things Fans
Recensito il: 9 gennaio 2020AMAZON

Bought as a Christmas present for our son - the only gift he asked for. Its a fantastic value set, coming with a range of minifigures. Its great to see the level of detail in the set & spot the my son is very happy with it.

Amazon Customer
(5/5)Brilliant Lego set
Recensito il: 26 gennaio 2020AMAZON

I got my 13 year old grandson this for Christmas. He was absolutely thrilled. I ended up getting him the lights for it too. A brilliant Lego set.

finocchiaro giuseppe
Recensito il: 25 settembre 2020AMAZON

articolo perfetto

Emily McDonald
(5/5)Quite hard but worth sticking with
Recensito il: 25 aprile 2020AMAZON

Another lockdown purchase, took me 3 days and was a little hard when attaching the upside down part however looks great and kept my mind busy for a while - not for beginngers!

Kevin Trebell
(5/5)A cleverly designed and brilliant looking set.
Recensito il: 2 marzo 2020AMAZON

This Lego The Upside Down set is the first Stranger Things based set they have done. It's a set I've had my eye on for a while and I finally took the plunge, knowing it would be a chunky build of a set from a show I really enjoy. The set build out a very clever design that builds the Byers house out along with it's mirror underneath in the Upside Down. The set comes with a great set of mini figures ...